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Although the various HDP committees provide a healthy pressure release valve to those who are in them, a closer connection to the wider HDP network, was perhaps lacking. The fantastic selection of HDP courses does provide venues where colleagues can meet up, but a less formal environment was desired where the trickier issues of our practice lives could be discussed confidentially in a supportive environment – perhaps “over a pint”. A relaxed environment where the older and wiser members can share their accrued knowledge with those newer to the game- or vice versa.

The format is flexible, but to initiate conversation a speaker is invited to kick the evening off with a short talk on an area of their interest. Rather than being a monologue, we encourage group interaction, lots of questions and open friendly debate.

We’ve already had talks on “Anticoagulants and Medication Related Osteonecrosis” (Helen Devennie) and “Acute Dental Trauma” (Guy Jackson). These were very helpful in providing some kind of group backing and consensus for this kind of typically subjective topic that effect us in dentistry; also highlighting the evidence base where possible. Bill Manning from Sherring Lucas dental laboratory provided wisdom from a different perspective on “Communications With Your Technician”. The perfect environment to share the (probably common) problems we encounter with our lab based work, but don’t often get a chance to.

A wealth of knowledge can be shared between all those who come along. Once the evening’s topic is discussed we generally have a bite to eat and the conversation continues along whatever current issues are on people’s minds at the time.

All who come along generally report to having a highly informative and enjoyable evening; a great chance to network and get to know our colleagues a little better.

We would really like to grow this group by seeing more dentists come along. So keep an eye out for future emails/flyers and please support us by coming along to the next one.