Making your dental care more affordable

An IndepenDent dental care plan allows you to spread the cost for your routine dental care with affordable monthly payments. And to help you get started, we also don't charge a joining fee for our plans (unlike some providers).
Regular dental visits for healthy teeth and gums

The cost of an agreed number of examinations and any necessary x-rays are covered by the plan. Seeing the dentist regularly means that they can keep a close eye on your teeth and gums. Potential problems can be identified early, saving you unnecessary time and expense.

Your monthly payments also cover the cost of an agreed number of hygiene appointments. Having your teeth professionally cleaned, to remove plaque and calculus, can help you combat gum disease, as well as making you feel good about your smile.

During your visits your dentist can advise you about a programme of preventive care, which can help maintain and improve your oral health.

Emergency treatment

Cover is provided if you require urgent dental treatment that needs to be administered by a dentist other than the one you are registered with.*

Dental injuries

If you sustain a dental injury, benefit will be paid for the cost of treatment up to the limits defined within the policy. This treatment must be carried out by your registered dentist.*

Hospital treatment

If you are admitted to hospital as an in-patient a cash benefit will be paid for each complete 24 hour period.*

Oral cancer diagnosis

A cash benefit is paid if an insured patient is diagnosed with oral cancer.*

* Terms & conditions apply.