Information Vault for HDP Dentists only

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We’re delighted to announce the launch of our brand new website and with it a list of new features to help you and your practice. 

A host of great features

The new site includes a range of great features to help you and your patients.
These include:
• Health tips & advice through our onsite blog
• Find a dentist and get easy directions plus links to your website
• At a glance, plan benefits for patients
• Access to our latest courses and events with option to book your place
• The latest news from HDP and the dental industry
• Details of our plans

Benefits of joining HDP

Information on our support offering from marketing to conversion management and more. 

The vault 

Our information vault is here to help our member dentists. It contains a host of useful information, documents, guidelines and advice to help run your practice. This is yet another exclusive benefit of being a HDP member and is only accessible by you. The vault will be the go-to place to share useful information and documents between HDP and our member practices. There’s also an upload function available to enable you to recommend your own content to add.

Key content

• Brochures & guidelines
• Magazine back copies
• Blogs & articles
• Banding assessments
• Contracts
• Forms
• Clinical guidance
• Your own unique password

To access the vault you should have received your own unique username
and password. In addition, the practice as a whole will be able to create their
own accounts too. 

Don’t forget your team

And if you’d like any of your team to have direct, individual access, such as your practice manager, so they can obtain essential forms etc, then we can invite them too. Just ask!

Designed for you and your patients

In the past we’ve had many, many patients visiting our website. To make
their experience better we’ve ensured the website is even more patient focussed with their own separate area of the site. The aim is to increase further patient visits through marketing the site. Therefore, with the new site, HDP will be better able to direct these patients onto our member practices, you.

Furthermore, the site will be a wealth of information for patients, and a useful resource for practices to refer patients to e.g. when they need more info if they are swaying about joining a plan. The professional patient focussed new website is designed as a backup resource to help practices increase uptake when proposing plans to their existing patients.

Can you help?

We’re looking for testimonials from HDP patients who speak highly of our plans as we’d like to add their comments to our website. If any practice would like to put any forward (with usual permissions to go on HDP website etc), then to please forward them to 

See for yourself

Don’t just take our word for it, check out the new site today. The more the site is utilised and referred to, the more effect it will have in helping increase HDP patient numbers…which ultimately is what will benefit us all.