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Many dental practices are already embracing technology by installing state-of-the-art computer systems, offering high tech treatments and texting patients to remind them of their appointments. Now, with a captive audience already sat in the waiting room, it is time to focus on how practices promote their services to patients in an informative and subtle way without using hard sell tactics.

SmileVision uses the latest technology to create a waiting room TV channel completely personalised to the practice. Instead of broadcasting regular daytime TV or off-the-shelf DVDs which quickly go out of date, this service is designed to capture and hold patients attention, keeping them entertained whilst educating them about oral health and the dental treatments available at the practice. Further more it’s very cost effective, simple to use and will not increase staff workloads.

SmileVision members also get access to a range of additional digital marketing tools designed to help follow up patient enquiries; these include personalised videos and leaflets that can be emailed to patients.  Closing the loop from treatment enquires to bookings and also helping fulfil CQC requirements by delivering auditable patient’s treatment plan information.

Content is key

The SmileVision TV content mix has been developed following extensive research and is designed to educate, entertain and engage patients. Ultimately it is designed to capture and hold patient's attention, drive treatment and product enquiries whilst improving the visiting experience. In addition the channel automatically updates daily, which removes any workload and keeps it current and fresh. 


What makes the service successful is its ability to be personalised so that it benefits not only the practice but also the patients. Through subtle messaging, practices can inform patients of their services, such as cosmetic treatments, showcase their work and add treatment promotions without actually having to sell directly to them.  By selecting the right videos, patients’ waiting room experience can be greatly enhanced and any anxiety or stress they might be feeling can be greatly reduced.

Attract more patients onto plan

Dentists often comment that they would also like to recruit more patients onto plans but are uncertain about how to set about achieving this. SmileVision has membership plan videos that can act as the first stepping-stone, emphasising the benefits and directing patients to reception staff for more detailed information.

Simplicity of use

SmileVision provides as part the low monthly subscription a micro set top box (about the size of a pack of playing cards) that comes plug and play ready. Members also get a unique login onto the SmileVision website to control the TV service and access the digital marketing tools. This is simple to do via the online access and can be done as often and from wherever is convenient.

All that is required is an internet connection (Wi-Fi or wired), a power socket and a TV.


Hundreds of practices across the country have already signed up and are seeing impressive results. Research has shown that SmileVision not only improves patients experience but can also boost products and treatment uptake by 40-50%.  So for a very small investment you can see a significant and compelling return.

Find out more

Book a free remote demonstration with the SmileVision team by either visiting or calling 0207 993 3888.

Recent testimonial

Practice Manger Karen of Regency House Dental Practice in Cheltenham;

"We have only been using SmileVision for a few weeks and have already had many positive comments from patients. It gets information of the treatments we offer to our patients and everyone thinks it is great. Our staff find the system so simple and effective and are very impressed with the features available to us. The SmileVision team is excellent; friendly & helpful!”