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Excuse the pun, but we all know that Insurance can be complex, confusing and difficult to know where to begin. We also know that Insurance can be expensive and often you may be wondering if you are getting the right cover based on your needs and not those of someone else. Should the worst happen and you need to make a claim, can you be confident that your claim will be accepted and paid out? You shouldn’t need to worry about these things but all too often we do.

But there is an alternative.

That’s why Hart Insurance Brokers have partnered with IndepenDent to provide dental practices with a tailor made policy to give you the cover that you need. Keith Hart, Partner at Hart Insurance Brokers talks about some of the specific areas of concern facing dental practices.

“All businesses face risks, but dental practices also have their own unique set. Your contents and equipment are of the utmost importance for the day-to-day running of your business but in the event of a major claim, arguably insuring the loss of revenue is equally if not more important. You need assurance that your business is covered in all areas. Dental practices are not too dissimilar to other types of professions that we provide cover for, ultimately, our aim is to provide a complete service and effectively work as your in-house insurance expert. All too often, we hear stories about businesses opting for the cheapest solutions or taking out a policy without knowing what the insurance fully covers. Unfortunately, should a claim be made and subsequently rejected, does the true extent of the inefficiencies of that policy come to light. “

Established in 1965, Hart Insurance Brokers have over 50 years’ experience of providing professional services to their clients and have in-house expertise in dealing with dental practices’ needs. As part of their tailored programme, they can provide cover for the following:

• Contents & Stock

• Precious Metals

• Plant Insurance

• All Equipment On & off Site

• Theft

• Dishonesty of Employees

• Personal Accident

• Practice Legal Expenses

• Business Interruption

• Public Liabilities

• Refrigerated Drugs

• Money & Assault


All of this at extremely competitive pricing. Finally, when asked what the biggest incentive for using an Insurance Broker like Harts, Keith advised that it was personal service. Knowing that help is available at the end of the phone is hugely important should a practice need help. Hart Insurance Brokers don’t operate a call centre and have one central location outside Glasgow meaning you will always speak to the same team.

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