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I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that I appear to have spent some considerable time and effort (along with shoe leather) visiting my local polling booth on such a frequent basis over recent times (making decisions about independence, Brexit, local and general elections) that it’s beginning to feel more like a home from home!

Nonetheless, you will be pleased to learn that I have managed to accommodate the ‘day job’ in between regular trips to my second residence, and as the political landscape continues to evolve, so does the news, updates and announcements in the six months since the last edition of HDP FOCUS.

As everyone will be aware from the array of preferential products and services presently available courtesy of our selected partners (such as Wrights, Blue Horizons Marketing, Johnston Carmichael, Taylor Defence Services, etc.) we are always interested in researching and securing new member benefits; so, where better to start this latest newsletter than reminding members of the TWO new partnerships already announced this year.

In January, Hart’s Insurance formally introduced their brokerage service to enable members to establish if they could obtain similarly comprehensive dental surgery insurance cover compared to that presently provided by their existing insurer, and hopefully at a more competitive premium.

There is more information relating to this new arrangement within Hart’s Insurance article on page 20, however don’t forget to contact Keith Hart for a no obligation quotation when you next receive your renewal reminder.

In May, AWB Textiles, an established provider of healthcare clothing and workwear since 1922, supplying a selection of top brands such as Cherokee, Dickies and 1st Choice Clothing, became our latest partner offering members a 5% discount off all purchases.

Therefore, if you are considering a change or upgrade of your practice uniforms, refer to their article on page 18 for contact details remembering to quote the discount code, namely HDP 5.

During April, we exhibited at a local BDA meeting in Aberdeen which consisted of an extremely informative lecture entitled “Let’s talk about mouth cancer”, and it got me thinking about other opportunities to support this type of event nearer to your practice location.

Local BDA meetings always appear to be well attended (80+ delegates in Aberdeen), which presents an ideal opportunity not which presents an ideal opportunity not only for HDP to exhibit (and therefore contribute sponsorship to the event), but also to raise brand awareness to potential new to group clients.

If you are actively involved with your local BDA section, and feel we could add our support (and sponsorship), then please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss the possibility in greater detail.

As an aside, BDA in northern Scotland have organised a full day event on Friday 13th October in Aberdeen again, presented by Ashley Latter, so it should be an interesting, thought provoking and enjoyable occasion. IndepenDent will be exhibiting on the day.

So, unless you are superstitious, put a note in your diary and contact your local BDA for further details.

If you are a regular visitor to the ‘Information Vault’ within the Dentist section of the HDP website (and if not, why not!!??), you will be aware of the wealth of information available, covering numerous topics, albeit they have usually (as you might expect) one common denominator which is to provide focus and support on improving plan registration numbers.

To further continue our support to members and consequently hopefully increase the frequency and volume of plan registrations across the group, we are presently in the development stages of an exciting new initiative; with the intention to have this with practices before the winter edition of this magazine. WATCH THIS SPACE!

To register for access to the Information Vault, simply go to the ‘Dentist’ section on the HDP website and click on the ‘padlock logo’ in the top right hand corner, and follow login instructions.

There is a well know idiom which refers to “ending on a high note” and I would like to finish my newsletter in just such a manner. After setting up Braemar Finance in 1992, David Foster, Managing Director, has decided it is time to hang up his tie, store away his cufflinks and retire from the business which coincidentally celebrates its 25th anniversary in July.

David has been a long time loyal supporter and sponsor of Highland Dental Plan and Braemar Finance has been a preferred partner of ours from the very early days. I have no doubt David will keep himself occupied (if not I’m sure his wife Ros will find lots of things for him to do), and I certainly expect his golf handicap to demonstrably reduce from August onwards.

On behalf of everyone at Highland Dental Plan I wish David a long, happy and healthy retirement.

As ever, you know where we are if wish to discuss any aspect of support in greater detail, or would like to arrange a practice visit.