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CPD Update for Summer 2017

The first event of 2017 was a full day session presented by Illona McLay on ‘Team Motivation & Engagement’ plus ‘Customer Service and your role in Handling Difficult Patients’. As on the previous occasions that Illona has worked for HDP the course was very well received by the delegates and...

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Study Groups

Although the various HDP committees provide a healthy pressure release valve to those who are in them, a closer connection to the wider HDP network, was perhaps lacking. The fantastic selection of HDP courses does provide venues where colleagues can meet up, but a less formal environment was desired where...

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Hart Insurance Brokers: Pulling your teeth out over Insurance?

Excuse the pun, but we all know that Insurance can be complex, confusing and difficult to know where to begin. We also know that Insurance can be expensive and often you may be wondering if you are getting the right cover based on your needs and not those of someone...

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